Cinema Pointer Reviews ‘The Guest’

bo7a_nsbob1.jpgWarning! The words, “Fuck”, “Fucking” and “Bitch” are the primary colours of the rogue rainbow which this Idumota-produced pretender attempts to camouflage itself and pass itself off as cinema-worthy spectacular, when all it really is, is rental-club ludicrous. The dialogue is excessively laced with them.
‘The Guest’ starts out looking pretty, the only problem seeming to be that the audio is off; superimposed in the guise of a Mexican drama series. And we might have lived with that. Scratch that! We wanted to live with that; because, in our Hearts, at we are always rooting for Nollywood.

But, regardless of how much love, admiration and faith we have for, and in, Nollywood and its renaissance, we have to admit; there’s currently a Gold rush to the cinemas by pretenders and ugly ducklings looking to cash-in on the legacy of beautiful Nollywood triumphs.

One such pretender is ‘The Guest’. Thirty minutes in, it reveals itself; going from Gold to Rust, in the blink of an eye, never to recover. It never even tries to recover! In fact, it succeeds only in getting worse; like a ticking time Bomb, every passing minute is significantly worse than the last.

Ultimately, accurately; ‘The Guest’ is a two hour flick, whose last hour and a half is a torturous drivel that ought to be avoided. It will bring you only pain and regret.


See trailer, if you want, and get more details below:

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