Web Series Review: This is It

Image result for this is it  Nick Mutuma, Chiagoziem Nwakanma

Created by: Dolapo “Loladee” Adeleke

Cast: Nick Mutuma, Chiagoziem Nwakanma, Stan Nze and Nancy Isime

Grade: A+

The cruelty of love has been touched severally with cameras. Anytime love is not cruel on camera, it defies gravity; it is robust, full of happiness (as it should be) without contemplation and wholly perfect. When love faces a challenge on camera, it struggles but again regains its confidence. And soon, it is back in our face, we are constantly reminded of how it feels- like firework or how it smells- like roses. Love that is presented cinematically is mostly idealistic; it is what we are supposed to aspire to have not what it really is.

“This is it” is created by Dolapo “Loladee” Adeleke and through her writing; the main intention is to spread the challenges of marriage as it is in its early stage, especially with very young couples. Love is there but problems are also there and to make a realistic story, she concretely stretches the need for communication, friendship and understanding. Every episode communicates its own message with calculated eagerness, with every episode we observe normal marital problems and how they are resolved.  We see these young couple endure challenges because there is a marriage and there is love and both have to succeed.

“This is It” whips up a proper tale about marriage. It is soft and created with the intention to serve us with something entertaining but it does not forget that the story is the reality of many newlyweds; they are in love but they also have problems- the problem of accommodating each other, learning to live and exist with themselves and for most couples they never graduate from that stage-they quit.

For Tomide and Dede Muenda they are the young couple that have a marriage to keep alive. Those are the challenges with being newlyweds. Unfortunately, marriages on film look too perfect and when they are not perfect, couples have to go their separate ways and start life afresh with others. Such films can be inspiring; they can also misguide our expectation of the real world. Life can be polite, it can also be arrogant and that is the reality that we should see on films. Films should represent the real world, except when we are dealing with super heroes, aliens and dragons.

The charm comes from the lead actors Nick Mutuma and Chiagoziem Nwakanma, it is the chemistry they share that makes us root for them. It is the talent they both wield and how they deliver this talent on screen that makes “This is It” the drama it is. Loladee casts two young actors and she succeeds in passing the message she wants to pass, because they reward her for casting them to interpret such well written characters.

The most rewarding episode of “This is it” is episode 9. The writer permits her male lead to flirt and because marriage does not stop men from flirting, it is no shocker. What is impressive is how Tee manages this. There was no need to extend the drama, create a new problem without solving the rest and from there we see the couple bond because they understand each other. The writer allows Tee to realise that love should face its struggle but it should also triumph. It is prove that men can overcome quick and perishing fireworks and that is an important message.  In the next scene comes a bigger problem that makes us anticipate a second season, which is one way to get us clicking when the new season debuts.

In “This is it” We watch a young couple interesting enough to make us smile, to make us think and also they make us relax because we enjoy reality on screen and we are able to connect with them so easily. “This is it” makes us swoon, it also makes us debate. Tee and Dede battle their issues and these issues are not caused by external forces and so we dwell in their world. We know that even if we have not seen this in other romance films, “This is It” has preached the word that marriage is beautiful and can also be a challenge.

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