Adunni Ade Opens up about Love, Motherhood & her Career in The Koko Magazine’s Latest Issue

Nollywood actress Adunni Ade is the cover star of The Koko magazine’s latest issue and she talks to the magazine exclusively about love, motherhood, her career and so much more.

See excerpts below.

On being a single parent: As a parent, you have to do what you have to do to provide for your children and one of those is working. I’ve been doing this for way too long, my older is 9 going on 10, so I’ve been doing this for that long if not more. So how do I do it, I just do it because it is my responsibility to provide for my kids and doing that is a priority for me.

On love: Wow, love is everything. You can do a lot with love. You can change lives; you can do everything with love. Love is just a beautiful thing. Sometimes, it might not be easy to love but when you find yourself in that position, you have to just know that love conquers anything.


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