Movie Review: Hire A Man

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Director: Desmond Elliot

Producer: ChinneyLove Eze

Cast: Zynell Zuh, Nancy Isime, Eyinna Nwigwe, Shaffy Bello, Bayray Mcwizu, and Daniel Lloyd

Year: 2017

Rating: C

Desmond Elliot loves dramatic female stories, whether the women are party freaks, unmarried women or causing deep family harm-he just loves women at the centre of his stories and so we have seen him direct many films with women at the centre. Some of these stories have a few lessons to teach, others are solely there for the entertainment while most are adaptations of other films to reiterate points that we must have chosen to ignore.

His latest job “Hire a Man” packs quite the drama. The title markets the film as the perfect “escort film,” for example films where young men are hired to accompany older married women for events their husbands are not attending or for fancy vacations. The shocker is that a 29-year-old accountant does the hiring in “Hire a Man”. She does not hire a man to brag to her friends at a school reunion or at the wedding of a mutual friend but she hires him to show off to her family, that she has a man of her own.

Sibling rivalry is not a fancy thing to watch on screen, especially when a man is the cause of the problem. Yvonne Nelson delved into this topic with ”House of Gold” but Desmond Elliot’s take is more interesting, a little more engaging and it is there as the only option for a valentine film.

Zynell Zuh and Nancy Isime are cast as Teshi anhd Teni. Sonia (Bayray Mcwizu) is the perfect adviser to Teshi, she sets things in order and as we see, she is more of a family member to Teshi.

The whole talk about successful women needing a man to complete them has been outplayed. Not every woman will get married and not every woman will remain single. Depending on how you see it, some women will remain single, successful and will live happily ever after by finding fulfilment in other things, while others will succeed but be miserable without marriage. When films continue to emphasize on this topic it further creates pressure for women. I will like to see a film where men face this type of pressure, to out beat the other to be married. We need to focus on the achievements of women in their work field without making films that continue the conversations we see every day on blogs. The successful-but-still-single topic has been outplayed.

On a lighter note, ChinneyLove Eze is on a roll. She serves interesting stories and when we look beyond the idea of films for entertainment, she also makes films to educate. ”Hire a Man” is there as the perfect relaxation film. It is also there to reiterate that there are thousand ways to find love even with unexpected people, in unexpected ways.

The cast sustains the film with good acting. If you are a fan of Ghanaian films, you will trust that there is nothing Zynhell Zuh can’t handle, she is fantastic to watch and Nancy Isime proves that she is a better actor than she is a presenter. The film enjoys supporting performances from fantastic actors such as Bayray Mcwizu and Shaffy Bello. Aside from its regular story, “Hire a Man” is interesting to watch. ”Hire a Man” is a story we would love to relax to after work, to laugh to with friends, make jest and use as reference when chatting. It is not the type of film that will be remembered in months to come. When it serves its purpose in the cinema, it will be done with.

About the Author

Rejoice Abutsa is a 22-year-old  aspiring Filmmaker and a big dreamer. She’s also a ‘Theatre and film’ arts graduate from the University of Jos, Nigeria.


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