Cinema Pointer Reviews “Something Wicked”

Verdict: More drama, than horror. ‘Something Wicked’ is a horror thriller that offers no thrills, and very little, to no scares at all. “Just there” at its best. Disappointing at its worst. And ultimately strikes out as nothing special, overall! Scene after scene, after scene; approximately fifty whole minutes in, and nothing significant happens.

It runs for approximately two hours but fails woefully in building a concise, audience-grabbing story, that’s worth paying any attention to. Making it feel unnecessarily drawn out; like a long waste of time, especially when its best parts, the only scenes with any semblance of horror, are all squashed up into the last ten minutes. And even those offer nothing particularly worth remembering.

If you choose to see this, do so only because you are a complete die-hard fan of Gabriel AfolayanAdesua Etomi or Iretiola Doyle; together, they form its shining light. Unfortunately however, regardless of how much they tried, and they did try, they just couldn’t shine bright enough to save ‘Something Wicked’ from failing to succeed as true horror; leaving it to be remembered as that Nollywood attempt at modern visceral-horror that failed to launch.

Not recommended.

See trailer and get more details below:

Synopsis: “Something Wicked” is the story of a family. This family’s bond is tested when they are thrown in a life threatening situation and we see how easily misunderstandings lead to misconceptions and premonitions are sometimes the only warning we get, in this game of life and death..

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