“Return of the Don”, Stars Monalisa Chinda in the Midst of a Deadly Gang


Return of the Don is a celebration of the kind of hide-and-seek game that criminals and detectives play, it harbours the ideological point that blacks too are believers in the gospel of sanity; and that they also excel when they are in charge of critical assignments.

This is the story of Monalisa and Benson himself, who are at the head of the crack team that eventually demolish the dreaded white-led gang. The movie’s synopsis goes thus: “When Police Commander Tracy Caparro learnt that an ex-mob boss Charlie Reid will soon return to the city, it became clear that mayhem is about to unfold. With Jack Ackerman the new gang leader already turning the city into a land of massacre, she must task DC Mills with the deadly assignment of keeping the two gang leaders at bay and her position secure.

 “Return of the Don guarantees a new height and insight showcasing the ethnic minority group in charge and in top police ranks in a police culture often dominated by white men. It also highlights black women in power while it takes the audience on a journey into the English mob culture. It exposes the gangs’ vocation and its impact on young people, especially those being used for criminal activities often with fatal consequences. The film is packed with action and suspense, keeping its audience at the edge from start to finish.”

The movie opens in Nigerian cinemas today.


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