TV Series Review: Husbands of Lagos Season 3

Show Creator: Mary Remmy-Njoku

Director: Kabat E. Egbon

Producer: Mary Njoku

Cast: Kenneth Okolie, Mary Njoku, Susan Peters, Yvonne Jegede-Fawole, Desmond Elliot, Bisola Aiyeola, Jennifer Eliogu, Peggy Ovire, Bobby Odogwu, Bolanle Ninalowu and Uche Udoputa

Year: 2017

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There are many series in Nigeria that assemble famous actors in one project to tell a story, but these series hardly have anything intriguing to offer. Leave it to Ndani TV, and now Red TV to employ a few famous faces and merge them with new actors to give us a well-acted story. These networks, series after series, give something impressive.

Red TV is on a roll with ‘Inspector K’. With just two episodes in, it’s already one of the best series out there for the first quarter of the year. Rok studios, on the other hand, have a number of series for the year (Single ladies, husbands of Lagos, Desperate Housegirls, Cougars), most of these series assemble popular actors, who in some cases do nothing for the characters they’re playing. When the stars are all gathered in one place, it is mostly glamour, and repeated stories.

However, in Husbands of Lagos, we get something substantial. Scene after scene, Episode after Episode, the third season of Husbands of Lagos will impress you.

‘Husbands of Lagos’ takes inspiration from marriage and gives us realistic stories through several different characters.

Spoiler Alert!

The third season starts with a scandal. AkinoluTade Williams  (Kenneth Okolie) is shocked to learn that his paternity is being challenged; his mother had an affair while married to his father, just about the time she got pregnant for him.  His sister, Remi and his uncle plot to take over the family property,  as they allege he isn’t the legitimate son of his late father, Tade Williams.

The media gets hold of the story; it offers the media a good scandal to sustain them. His wife, Annie (Mary Njoku) stands by him through the difficult period, while his sister Remi (Rukky Sanda) can’t wait to be in charge of the family fortune.

Another intriguing section of the series features Tosan (Bobby Obodo) in a complicated relationship with three women. He is married to Aisha (Susan Peters) but Najite (Moyo Lawal) who is his girlfriend has lived with them for years as his sister. She even has two children for him. While Aisha is an intelligent bank manager, she does not figure this out.

The humorous aspect, however, comes from Sikira (Bisola Aiyeola) and Desmond Elliot (Saheed) they are a match made in comedic heaven and in the midst of intensity, they offer the series good humor. Desmond Elliot is especially enjoyable in this.

Husbands of Lagos explores different situations in marriage, while the name of the series sells it as television show focused solely on men, it focuses on women too. The men control the affairs of the show. Everything that happens through the series is as a result of what one man did, or what he didn’t do. We meet men that are in love, yet they cannot remain faithful. We meet men that refuse to work to earn a living, and we watch this from two perspectives, first, we see Siki and Saheed a poor couple. While Saheed spends time gambling, Sikira tries to make ends meet. On the other spectrum of the lazy man story, we have Tosan who waits for his wife’s monthly salary to squander. We watch how men can be lovely, and yet malicious. We see the desperation for marriage with Wale and Oma, and how he gets her pregnant and asks for an abortion citing his religion as a reason he can’t marry her if she keeps the pregnancy. Every character in the series is worth your time.

Husbands of Lagos, Season 3, offers a lot of colorful scenes to feed our eyes, it also offers great dialogue, and the actors are impressive. Susan Peters is gracious and quite admirable in her role as Aisha. Bisola Aiyeola provides great humor. Jennifer Eliogu is absolutely exceptional. Uche Udoputa is grumpy but it is the spice of his character. There is no actor in the series that will leave you underwhelmed. The writers do a commendable job, so does the director. If you are looking for a mix of glamor, and a highly entertaining story, check out husbands of Lagos.

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