“Our Best Friend’s Wedding” Web Series Review

Web Series Review: Our Best Friend’s Wedding

Producer:  Lydia Idakula Sobogun

Director: Jerry Ossai

Script: Daniel Aideyan and Jerry Ossai

Cast: Illrymz, Oreka Godis, Gbemi Olateru, Chris Attoh, Kiki Omeili, Kunle Remi, Theo Lawson

Year: 2017


The theme of love, romance and relationships will never go out of style. Content producers are aware that there’ll always be an audience for this mushy stuff that focuses on ‘finding the one’, falling- in -love with your best friend, disappointments, heartbreak and all the drama that comes with the terrain. REDTV plugs into this theme with their new romantic drama – “Our Best Friend’s Wedding”

The series revolves around the lives of three friends Charles (Ilyryms) Jade (Oreka Godis) and Kemi (Gbemi Olateru).


Charles is unable to sustain any meaningful relationship, as he goes from one fling to another with women from different backgrounds. Tired of the chaos surrounding his love-life, Charles, panics and buys an engagement ring on a whim, with the hope of finding ‘the one’. He recruits his besties – Jade and Kemi to hatch a plan to get him into a good and lasting relationship.

Charles’ character is not the only sustainable character in “Our Best Friend’s Wedding”, The lives of Jade and Kemi also offer entertainment. Jade who is a workaholic starts a relationship with Tunde (Chris Attoh) and Kemi is married to a man who for most of the episodes is out on a business trip. All friends try to juggle their lives while also looking out for each other.


Our Best Friend’s Wedding is an interesting series with each webisode offering new plot lines. From the second webisode, we meet Promise whose storyline diverts from the main story. We watch Promise abuse cocaine and cigarettes, while also getting involved with a bad gang that threatens to ruin his life. “Our Best Friend’s Wedding” features romance, heartbreak, as much as it features depression and domestic violence. Each episode provides a new problem that is either a social problem or a personal problem that needs resolving, other times it is done for the sake of laughter and for the viewer’s pleasure. With Prisca, we see a beautiful woman who is hard working but is in an abusive relationship, while Promise does not have an interesting life, and so his problems take control of his life.

The social problems raised by the writers of the series make the story worth watching. While the back and forth between Charles and Jade grips our attention. The compassion of Charles does not go unnoticed. In the eight weeks, he has to meet with ex-girlfriends and try starting afresh with them, we see him offer a shoulder for all of these ladies. He might be promiscuous but it does not mean that he lacks the capability of having some human compassion.

The shine of the series is Oreka Godis. A good actress she is. The screen loves her and she is comfortable on it. Every scene featuring Jade is one we wish the show creators extended, she is calm, exceptional and delivers her lines with an admirable control.

Gbemi Olateru’s acting is rather average here, save for a few funny lines. She does an acceptable job with the role of Kemi, and her saving grace are the humorous lines that her character Kemi has to deliver.  For example, when Jade describes Men as dogs in one scene, she responds with “stop abusing dogs”. It is interesting to listen to her dish some of the funniest lines in the series but she is almost forgettable, with a little more experience and continuous practice she could do well with acting as a side hustle.

The other actors are also new and most of the acting is amateurish, and not gripping enough. “Our Best Friend’s wedding” has good actors like Oreka and Chris Attoh to thank, and also Illryms does a good job.

The series is an initiative of an online lifestyle channel, REDTV, in conjunction with The Naked Convos and supported by the United Bank for Africa Plc


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