Movie Review: The Wrong Guest

Producer: Tissy Nnachi
Director: Tissy Nnachi
Script: Tissy Nnachi

Cast: Lillian Esoro, Alex Ekubo, Esther Audu Ojire, Shirley Igwe

Year: 2017



Duran (Alex Ekubo) suffers from amnesia after an accident that killed his family. By his side is the dedicated Olivia (Lilian Esoro), she has worked with his father for many years, and she is his most trusted ally. Eventually, they start a relationship. The relationship starts well until Lizzy (Esther Audu) shows up. She claims she has a child for Duran. This creates a problem for the three. Lizzy wants to take her place as the mother of Duran’s child, and because Olivia has ulterior motives, she does not allow this.

Tissy Nnachi’s decision to create a romance story between Duran and Olivia fails woefully. A few conversations and Duran and Olivia are already locking lips, the writer does not establish if this relationship is as a result of pure lust on the part of Duran, or the need for company. Olivia who was sexually violated and whose idea was stolen and used for the success of Duran’s father’s company becomes a viper. Unfortunately, her idea of seeking revenge was killing her boss; in the process, he loses his whole family, and his only son loses his memory.


We know Olivia’s motive and for the better part of the Wrong Guest, it is only Olivia’s motive that is slightly explained. Many questionable situations come up in this project. When Lizzy shows up and claims to have a child for Duran, the least that could have been done is to ensure she arrives the scene with a baby, but she doesn’t, she arrives alone, and for the better part of the film her daughter is not introduced to us. Even when we see her daughter the scene has no value, it instead looks like a compensation for the absence of the child in the scenes where she should have been featured.

The message of the Wrong Guest is not clearly established. The writer and director create a vicious female lead that has been violated at work. The wrong Guest had everything set to be a compelling story but it fails, the lead female characters are used as eye candies to sustain the lack of a valuable script. The female characters have nothing to offer but their love for the influential and rich man Duran. The writer almost creates the notion that the Wrong Guest is a social message. We can create more social messages without compromising female characters. The Wrong Guest further reiterates a stereotype. It lacks proper guidance, the female characters are there not to offer anything intriguing, and with the many errors that exist in the film, the one that hurts the most is how the female characters are projected.

Another unforgivable mishap is where Duran is kidnapped. Lizzy watches the kidnap happen and she follows the kidnappers on a bike. Unfortunately watching this is a letdown. It does nothing for the film; it is perhaps the least enjoyable scene of the many in the film.

The actors are relaxed. If the story is not compelling, then the acting should offer us a reason to stay hooked. Lillian Esoro who has proven to be a valuable performer in similar productions is not interesting in this. For Esther Audu, she tries but because the script does not offer too much, she also fails at making the Wrong Guest enjoyable. On the other hand is Alex Ekubo who with this role proves that he cannot sustain an audience in anything that is not partly comedic.


About the Author

Rejoice Abutsa is a 22-year-old  aspiring Filmmaker and a big dreamer. She’s also a ‘Theatre and film’ arts graduate from the University of Jos, Nigeria.


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