Cinema Pointer Reviews “Slow Country”

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Verdict: Solid. Exceptional. Powerful. The hype was not for nothing. ‘Slow Country’ is Fantastic! It’s not perfect. It’s just Fantastic! A sweet blend of high-quality production and all-around superb acting. ‘Slow Country’ is a no frill action flick, that tells a simple, yet an astoundingly powerful story. And it tells it in a beautiful way. A definite triumph for Nollywood. This shouldn’t be missed.

You can’t go wrong with ‘Slow Country’. It’s hundred percent pure entertainment. You can’t lose money on this movie. No way! It was billed to be the “Best Nollywood Action Movie Ever!” And that is exactly what it is- The best Nollywood action movie, Ever! You won’t be irritated. You will be pleased. Yet, the best thing about ‘Slow Country’ is not its action. But its story.

Usually, when a Nollywood producer hits on an industry defining gimmick, he hounds his audience with it, forgetting the need for substance and ends up churning out a ridiculously hollow offering. Not so with Eric Aghimien however. More stand-out, than show-off, he put in a heavier dose of intelligence into getting the story and acting just right, than into the brawn of bullets flying, cover damaging; concrete smashing and windows shattering.

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