How New Movie Honours the Late Archbishop Benson Idahosa

‘Papa’ as he was fondly called by church members and admirers was the founder of Church of God Mission International; a Christian ministry headquartered in Benin City but impacted lives all around the world.


19 Years after Idahosa’s death, Edo born filmmaker, Stanlee Ohikhuare has commenced shooting for his new film “Idahosa’s Trails”; a story about the experience of an American Journalist (Thomas Book – David Schifter) who seeks to interview a reputable preacher (Idahosa) based on his perception of the latter’s role in the miraculous recovery of a popular chief in Benin City, whose recovery happened spontaneously after six years in a coma. Led on by the Chief’s testimony, Thomas Book sets out to find the man whose name “Ida eh’ Osa” was mentioned during his interview with the Chief. He is introduced to a young pastor (Pastor Osas – Kunle Idowu) who obliges to be of assistance in getting Thomas Book, to encounter the man called IDAHOSA. Thomas Book sets out on an adventure to get a remarkable story but ends up having an encounter that would change his life forever.

We are eager to see who’d play Idahosa, his wife, Margaret and his son Feb Idahosa.

Indeed, we are excited that this film is being shot in Benin and we expect a rich display of the vibrant and unique Bini culture which makes for great art. But, most importantly, we hope for a story that truly shows the robust faith of Idahosa, who many considered Nigeria’s Leading Light of the Gospel; a revolutionary worldwide.

Original Story & Screenplay by: Stanlee Ohikhuare.

Starring: David Schifter, Kunle Idowu (Frank Donga), Osas Ajibade, Liz Ameye, Patrick Doyle, Charles Okafor, Akapo Akanni

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