Watch the Trailer for “THE WATCHMAN” Starring Kalu Ikeagwu as Adam Rawlings

Celebrated Nigerian actor, Kalu Ikeagwu,  stars as Adam Rawlings in Ugonna Nwachukwu’s ” The Watchman”

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“The Watchman” dramatises the story of a London-based banker, Adams Rawlings, and a celebrity church proprietor, Pastor Samuel.

Rawlings sees a mentor in Pastor Samuel and eventually joins his church. The move seems to be working well in the beginning, to the extent that Samuel soon finds his mentee a beautiful lady to marry. But, trouble starts when Rawlings discovers, first through dreams, that his mentor may just be an enemy in disguise.

The reality of Adams reoccurring dreams causes him to question his trust in Pastor Samuel and the activities going on in his mega church.

Out of desperation to make sense of what is happening to him, Adam goes on a personal search to discover the truth. In doing this, he builds a close relationship with his fiancee’s older sister Dianne, who he had formerly detested because of her lack of respect for his beloved church and Pastor and starts to develop feelings for her.

Together they make sense of Adam’s dreams and experiences and come to discover a truth that they must fight for.

The official soundtrack of The Watchman is written & performed by Ogranya Jable Osai

Watch the Trailer



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