Is Dakore Quitting Nollywood and Shifting to LA?



Dakore is leaving Lagos to explore more opportunities in Hollywood.

Dakore Akande has been in the public eye for many years. The actress came into the old Nollywood scene about 25 years ago, fresh-faced with her signature dreadlocks. Her rise to stardom started off when she was 19 years old and attended her first audition for a sitcom called Inheritance.

She explains, “I went to my first audition, I had never acted before…but I caught the acting bug and the producer said he would call me back.” Since then the actress has been in and out of Nollywood.  She took a short break as she went off to build her personal life with her husband, Olumide Akande, son of multi-millionaire businessman Harry Akande. According to the actress, “It was challenging to leave but it was time for me to go have my kids and settle with my mates.” Akande has been gracing us with her presence on screen, more recently in the film, Fifty, which has been continued as a series and Isoken, a romantic comedy, which premiered in England and Nigeria. But Akande won’t be around for too long as she has decided to move to Los Angeles with her family.



In this interview with Guardian Nigeria, Dakore sheds more light on her decision to make this move and mentions Quantico Star, Priyanka Chopra as someone whom she admires, because she successfully made the big move from Bollywood to Hollywood.

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