5 Reasons Why You Should Watch “My Wife & I” This August

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After Ramsey’s last movie, 76, I made a promise to watch all his next movies. In my opinion, Ramsey is light years ahead of Nollywood in both acting style and general execution. We were not surprised that the Hollywood Reporter, hailed his performance as Ramsey practically carried the entire film.

This August, he stars in a comedy with actress cum filmmaker, Omoni Oboli.

Here are five reasons you should watch the movie:

  • If you were part of the mammoth crowd that raced to the cinemas December/January to see “The Wedding Party”; you’d probably like this new comedy “My Wife and I”. Both movies are works of collaboration involving Inkblot and FilmOne.  Today, filmmakers in Nollywood are reaping the benefits of putting ideas and resources together and  coming out with movies that are worth the taste of the viewers, and, in the long run, translates to breaking the box office records, win awards, and remain in the minds of people as some of the best movies that they ever saw.

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  • The Cast: If you’re like most people, you’d take a close look at the cast before making a decision whether to see a movie or not. Ramsey & Omoni lead the cast of the movie, really, what’s the worst that can happen?

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  • Still, on the Cast, two of our favourite old-timers feature in this movie as well, Rachael Oniga and Ngozi Ezeonu. Both ladies have a wicked sense of humour. This is Ngozi’s, first big screen appearance since the “rebirth” of Nollywood. But, if you liked Ngozi in Ndani’s “Skinny Girl in Transit” as “Mama Tiwa” you bet you’d love her here also. Racheal Oniga starred in Ay’s “30 Days in Atlanta” and we thoroughly enjoyed her there. We are sure both women will bring their A – game here as well.


  • The movie was Written by Naz Onuzo. In 2016, Ynaija described Chinaza Onuzo as one of the leading lights for that project they call New Nollywood. His impressive projects as producer – over the past three years have included The Department, The Arbitration, and Out of Luck.


  • Let’s turn our lights on the Director, Bunmi Ajakaiye. Bunmi is making her debut at the cinemas with My Wife and I. Bunmi is a writer with lots of years of experience lecturing in Australia. She has also has explored screenwriting, video/film editing and has successfully showcased a good output in these fields. We’re eager to see how she handles a comedy of this magnitude.


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