Nigeria Partners CNN, UNTWO on Creative Industry

A cross section of guests

The Federal government has announced a tripartite partnership with the CNN and the UN World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) to boost creative industry in Nigeria, using film as a pivot. The Minister of Information and Culture Alhaji Lai Mohammed made the announcement in Lagos on Monday at the Creative Industry RoundTable. He said under the partnership, the film industry will be used as ‘a lens through which we will project various aspects of Nigerian culture, tourism, and similar areas.’

“We are kick-starting the project with a 13-episode production showcasing the various stages in a movie production,” he added.

The minister, who spoke at a creative industry roundtable in Lagos, said the essence of the gathering was to fast-track the transformation of the creative industry to a creative economy.

According to him, that is the objective against the background of the administration’s intention of supporting and facilitating an enabling environment for the true business growth of the creative sector.

He reiterated that the administration has no doubt that the plan to transform the creative industry to a creative economy must be driven by the private sector.

“After all, it is self-evident that the modest growth that has been achieved in the creative industry so far, whether in films, music or fashion, has been achieved in spite of the government. It, therefore, stands to reason that with the government providing the necessary enabling environment and the private sector in the driver’s seat, the transformation can be realized within a short time,” he said.

According to Mohammed, the roundtable will provide the stakeholders the opportunity to engage in business-focused discussions, to initiate and enable private sector-led growth and development of the creative industry.

He stressed that participants would dialogue and engage key industry personnel on the business of the creative sector, while addressing key issues affecting the sector, such as intellectual property rights, piracy, education, poverty, power supply, security, access to finance, distribution infrastructure, technical competence, film content, multiple taxation and multi-level regulation.

“The Roundtable is also expected to highlight international best practices that would enhance the business of the sector, e.g. benchmarking standards, case studies/best practice, associations and guilds, exchanging the cutting-edge ideas in the sector and then, in line with what I said earlier, proffering solutions in all the areas of concern,” he added.

The minister described the interactive session as the latest effort in the administration’s determination to move the creative industry from the fringes to the mainstream of the economy.

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