RMD Shares Touching Story as He Covers ThisDayStyle

In the latest edition of This Day Style magazine, Iconic Nollywood actor, RMD is captured beautifully by talented photographer TY Bello.

According to RMD, many decades ago precisely in 1980, he had made the decision to be an actor, a decision that had brought tears to his mother’s eyes because she had hoped he would be a Lawyer.

“I knew she was not happy and I held her and promised her we would be OK…” He said.

He revealed further that although he didn’t become a Lawyer in her lifetime, she died with a smile on her face as her son was a very successful ‘TV’ person.

RMD’s first movie had been an instant success and he has remained successful ever since. Even his eight years break from the scene could not stop his shine.

He returned and it seemed the industry had been waiting for him a while he was away.

Check out the portraits of RMD as captured by TY Bello.

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