The 2nd Season of “On the Real” is Fresh & Edgy

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On the Real” EbonyLife series is back for season 2. The show is a pseudo reality-come-drama that incorporates running commentary by all cast members, just like it is done on MTV Shuga. It follows the lives of 5 young Nigerian reality TV stars, brought together by an obnoxious TV executive! They now have to balance their newly acclaimed fame with their regular lives as well as doing whatever it takes to keep their star status. Their hunger is for fame and this fame is what they are eager to sustain.

At the center of all the Drama is Faridah (Ini- Dima Okojie) who in the new season has a lot to deal with as her career threatens to tumble, and so does her personal life. There is a downward spiral for the sensitive and high-class Faridah, whose sexual affair with the TV executive is discovered by a cast member who threatens to share these secrets with other cast members and the media if Faridah does not let go of her lead role status. There is a switch in the storyline, and it also threatens Faridah’s presence as the most known cast member; this is enough reason for Faridah to consider being a Fashion Blogger as a way of sustaining herself in the limelight.

On the Real clearly has its audience, and is mostly targeted to young women in need of some online drama. The show has a dominantly young cast and they explore the topic of love, infidelity and fame. While the second season starts good with Faridah meeting her boyfriend’s wife, and a new love triangle brewing within the group, the show still, hugely picks its inspiration from MTV Shuga, but its audience is more matured, and they stick to that target group.

Ini Dima-Okojie is sassier here. A continuation of the kind of performance she offers in Skinny Girl in Transit. Problems continue to pile up for her, and fortunately/unfortunately she represents the type of woman that is easy to dislike. She is ready to be the side-chick, meeting the wife stirs guilt – but it fades, and Faridah will always be Faridah. She is willing to give the relationship a break – and get back to it.

Akah Nani is very grumpy in the second season. His relationship starts with its challenges and Farida (Ini- Dima Okojie) seems to have a plan up her sleeves to use him in her ploy for fame.

Amaka (Nancy Isime) finds love, with what seems like the wrong person, and to compile her trouble, her ex-lover is on the hunt for her.

This is an Ebony Life TV production that is also showing on YouTube, and the aim is to get everyone with interest to see it watch it at their convenience. On the Real is impressive because of its production quality and the attention paid to each character. There is a growth happening with most of the characters.

There are a lot of stories here to spice up the second season of On the Real and I am eager to watch the drama escalate.

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Rejoice Abutsa is a 22-year-old  aspiring Filmmaker and a big dreamer. She’s also a ‘Theatre and film’ arts graduate from the University of Jos, Nigeria.

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