The Tribunal Showcases Superior Acting, the Best We’ve Seen this year

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Verdict: Exceptional! Powerful! Fantastic! Nollywood brings its A-Game to reckon. ‘The Tribunal’ is a conceited chest-beating exhibition of acting prowess- A true Nollywood marvel. Beware. The acting, the passion, and the fervor; will blow you into a million pieces. They will have to mop you off the floor.

With near perfect execution, ‘The Tribunal is exceedingly satisfying. It pleases its audience from start to finish. Not a dull moment to be had. And so, looking around, one will be hard-pressed to find a single dissatisfied face in the audience.

Rather, what you see is an audience captivated in a symphony of absorption, paying rapt attention in beautiful silence. One can almost feel the intensity. And taste the anticipation. And then, without warning, thunderous laughter and machine-gun clapping sporadically fill the hall. Yet, ‘The Tribunal’ is no comedy.

It tells a very serious story with simplicity and forcefulness all at once. ‘The Tribunal’ is a solid drama. A definite “must-see”, with boastful precision, Kunle Afolayan manages to turn simple legal proceedings into tempestuous Mortal Kombat; a fight to the death.

Absolutely recommended. Bravo!

See trailer and get more details below:

Synopsis: Jimi Disu is a washed-up lawyer now in his fifties, who co-founded a leading law firm in Lagos many years ago is approached by a young, enthusiastic, law school graduate to help defend her friend who has been unfairly fired because he is an albino. Throwing Jimi Disu back into the ring to battle his old law firm.
Starring:  Funsho Adeolu, Bimbo Manuel, Nobert Young, Omotola Jalade Ekeinde, Ade Laoye, Carol King, Damilola Ogunsi.
Review by our friends at CINEMA POINTER

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