“Skinny Girl in Transit” is Back, and Here’s what we think so far…

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YouTube views and comments on Ndani TV’s fourth season of “Skinny Girl in Transit” prove that the show is really here to satisfy the female audience.  Our leading lady, Tiwa (Abimbola Craig) is not only here to dramatize the struggle of weight gain, but women can relate to some of the challenges she faces at work, the pressure for marriage with family and her struggle for a stable relationship.

We already watched a trailer that tells us of shaky situations waiting to happen in the fourth season of “Skinny Girl in Transit,” and two episodes in, and we have something to share with you on the new season of Ndani’s hit show.

Are you the “type” waiting to watch everything at once… we have no spoilers here. Well, not too many.

The first episode is titled “Happy Beginnings,” and it shows Mide and Tiwa finally in a relationship. It does not fail to also introduce Ayo played by Bassey Ekpenyong of the Big Brother fame. Ayo looks like a potential problem to Mide and Tiwa’s relationship, but it should make for good drama as the show has gotten rid of its most prominent rival.

Hadiza (Played by Ini-Dima Okojie) offered some good drama to the third season. Two episodes into the fourth season and Hadiza is gone, leaving room for a new rival to appear. Ayo could be that guy.  It could also be the French guy- Fabrice. Remember the French guy Tiwa met in Abuja? (The one-night stand scene). We are totally predicting a break-up between Mide and Tiwa, so enjoy it while it lasts. Whatever happens after this break-up should trigger more excitement. Also note that Beverly Naya, known for her sultry performances (The Wedding Party) is in the fourth season.

With all the hints at trouble, we already foresee trouble and more drama in the fourth season of SGIT, if the story does not invent more intensity in this season; some of us might just say Goodbye. By intensity, we are not talking about the mind tricks it has been playing with viewers so far. In the first episode, it teases us of an engagement that has not happened at all. In the second episode, it teases viewers with romance and things heat up between Tiwa and Mide. This is an intentional move from the filmmakers, and while we can’t complain, we expect more from this season.

Wosiliat continues as an overtly exaggerated character, though. We are absolutely done with her makeup as it hardly offers any humor; neither does her lack of knowledge on trivial things give us a reason to laugh. Shalewa (Sharon Ooja) is not about to have an expanded role because her relationship is on the brink of collapse. There is also an attempt to overstretch the rivalry between Tiwa and Shalewa. While Tiwa is enjoying a blossoming relationship with Mide, Shalewa feels totally uncomfortable with the new attention the relationship is gaining Tiwa. Attention from her mother, played by Ngozi Nwosu, and Tiwa’s newly introduced father (Norbert Young!)

Skinny Girl in Transit season 4 is already serving more drama than it did in season 3, and we are eager to see a build-up to this story. At the end of the season, we will be bringing a complete break down on the season. I hope this meets my high expectations for the fourth season.

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