“This is It” Season 2 is Even Better

Image result for "This is It" There's a release date for season 2 of web series

“This is It” made its debut earlier this year, and word of mouth played a big role in its success. Hopeful romantics are in love with Lola Dee’s vision, newly married couples love it, and I will also like to think that it has an audience in older, matured couples.

The second and final season has returned and Lola Dee’s viewers are in their numbers. The interesting thing about “This is it,” is that viewers are spread across Nigeria and Kenya. The web series is a hit in Kenya thanks to Kenyan lead actor,  Nick Mutuma, who attained fame on MTV Shuga and charms the audience in “This is It”.

Aside from the infectious chemistry between the newlyweds; Lola Dee writes really good dialogue, and despite the limited use of locations, and very few characters, she makes an effort to make “This is It” visually appealing.

We ended Season 1 predicting that Dede (Chiagoziem Nwakanma) will forfeit the job offer she has been waiting for – well, sorry for the spoiler ahead – She does! The first episode of the second season confirms our fears. Lola gives education – although subtly – on what marriage is. It is a journey of sacrifice and Lola Dee uses Dede’s dilemma to educate. Will you move to another country to improve your career if your husband of six months suspects that his mother is battling cancer? Or will you be there for him? We will have different answers to this, but in the process of making her decision, Dede is not too smart, and this is reflective of what all of us are capable of doing in moments of confusion.

With Dede, Lola creates a character that is adorable, calm, in love, and yet, imperfect. That makes her human!

Smart writing presents itself on every episode of “This is it”; they restrict the pit hole of creating totally perfect characters and that is a plus. For example, when Dede tells Tee she has rejected the job offer, instead of making her audiences swoon with Tee being the appreciative, lovey-dovey husband; his selfishness at that moment is accurate. Lola rejects perfection and gives us a man that loves his wife, but is capable of extreme selfishness.

For Dede, season 2 is a rollercoaster. She finds a job despite a sacrifice that had us hating her for some minutes. In fact, Lola teases us with pregnancy. For a moment, Dede is not living her dream but about to take a pregnancy test that could halt her potential to contribute to her economic growth. We can only imagine how many women will sit and nod at the accuracy of their lives being displayed on screen.

Ovarian Cyst also forms part of the conversation in the second episode of season 2. Dede’s new job avails her opportunity to meet with a lady that shares her story on her struggle with Ovarian Cyst. This could also be detrimental for Dede, to understand the history of infertility in her family, until we see this fully explored, it is great to see that “This is it” takes advantage of its fan base to start a conversation on health. Call it combining an education on romance with health talk, but ‘This is it” is a series worth your time.


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