Movie Review:

Director: Walter Banger

Producer: Walter Banger:

Story: Tunde Apalowo

Cast: Beverly Naya, Blossom Chukwujekwu, O. C Ukeje, Wofai Fada, Omowumi Dada, Bimbo Akintola, Alex Ekubo, Kiki Omeili

Year: 2017

Walter Banger has taken his recent feature to a few places. The filmmaker made an effort to showcase the film at different film festivals and from the beginning of the year, the film enjoyed promotions on several platforms.

Image result for nollywood movie is an adaptation of Tunde Apalowo’s The Chase Game and is adapted into a film by Walter Banger’s capable hands. Walter has proven his interest in creating suspense with his debut film “Gbomo Gbomo Express.” The film concerned itself with hiring young faces to bring Walter’s vision to life. With, Walter demystifies casting Stereotype by offering the youngest and most stereotyped actors something new to work with. The problem is, while some of them take advantage of the gift and make it memorable, others ignore it. is a whodunit film, and the genre has proven difficult for Nigerian filmmakers to tackle. In the hands of Walter Banger, he proves that style can truly juggle our thinking. Maybe what we need in the Nigerian cinema are more films that force us to think. happens in the interrogation room, the hotel, the office and the home of the Bello’s, these settings are enough to create a lasting memory for the audience.

Abby Bello (Beverly Naya) is the poster image for hard work. She is an accounting executive at a reputable firm but has a few people around her that constitute a problem. It is her anniversary and she lodges in a hotel to celebrate with her hubby. Abby’s boss (Kiki Omeili) calls to request Abby’s presence to answer on some irregularities found in the company’s yearly report. Abby rushes to work to resolve the problem, leaving her husband, with whom she has lodged in a hotel. Her anniversary is cut short when Abby is found dead on her anniversary. In a true Whodunit style, the investigation game begins to track Abby’s killer.

The film starts with Tony Bello (Alex Ekubo), who is Abby’s unfaithful husband, he is in the police interrogation room for questioning. The film progresses before introducing us to Abby. Tony who sets the tone is jovial with the police while being questioned. The problem is that it is his anniversary and his wife has been murdered. Tony is a suspect, but he is one in so many other suspects.  There are also colleagues that serve as persons of interest in the ongoing investigation.

At the center of the investigation is the humorous, and the film’s source of relaxation Detective Komolafe. In his role, O.C Ukeji shakes off the lover boy stereotype and offers a performance that is rare and is quite the memorable offering from

Brume (Blossom Chukwujekwu) gives a stirring performance as Abby’s colleague who engages in an argument with Abby. His argument with Abby before her death also points fingers to him.

If you have always thought of Beverly Naya as the Accented-girl-friend, will offer you a different view of the talent. She takes the role with a grace that proves she can do more than the stereotypical roles. Beverly is calmly convincing as an ambitious woman. She is enjoyable.

Unfortunately for the typecast Alex Ekubo, he continues in what he knows how to do best. He is not convincing as Mr. Bello, and the only thing that rings true is that he cheats on his wife. Alex has been there, done that, and he wants to remain there.  His performance leaves little taste to the mouth.

On the other hand, the supporting cast that constitutes Wofai Fada, Omowumi Daada and Kiki Omeili perform their small roles with grace. is also visually endearing. From the interrogation room to the office, the hotel and the Bello’s house, Walter Banger uses the lens to communicate with different effective tones. If you loved “Ojukokoro” and if you are tired of  comedy, then check

Want to know the killer?

We will not share any spoilers here because we want you to see and propel it to success to open more doors for the future of such thoughtful films.


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