Nollywood Observer’s Best Films of 2017

The Best 5 Web Series of 2017 (2)

Through 2017, we kept the conversation on Nollywood alive by constantly visiting the cinema to see films and save you the trouble of seeing bad movies. Your time is precious and so is your money. We hope our movie reviews kept you informed about the many Nollywood movies that hit the cinemas this year and while we enjoyed a few of these movies, this year generally pales in comparison with 2016.

2017 was not such an exciting year for films. While the previous year had strong films such as “Oloibiri,” “76” and “93 Days” and these films challenged us socially and even culturally; this year was loaded with many films that failed in execution.

Generally, 2017 was a year of introduction to new and worthy filmmakers, and they provided some fresh stories we are grateful for. also a year of comedy, but what stands out is how some of these filmmakers used new styles to make us laugh.


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  • Ojukokoro: Dare Olaitan created a surprise of a film with “Ojukokoro,” which was one of the first films I watched in 2017, it was also the reason I kept going to the cinema to watch Nigerian films. To tell a story is not easy. To craft dialogue that remains at the heart of the target audience is even harder, but Dare Olaitan succeeded. After seeing “Ojukokoro, you will leave the cinema with excitement at the level of engagement created with this movie. It was a lesson on greed, and it was not preachy. Story co-ordination, and execution made “Ojukokoro” an absolute delight. “Ojukokoro” has the top spot for being an excellent work of cinema for a first-time filmmaker.


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  • Isoken: Jade Osiberu’s creative protest on single-shaming is a film that would not be forgotten in a hurry. The marketing team behind this movie were impressive, they kept the conversation alive from 2016, and when we finally saw “Isoken,” there was a reason to laugh, scene after scene. The music, Jade’s sense of style in execution, and the actors she hired to tell such a beautiful story is one reason “Isoken” is the second best film of 2017.


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  • Picture Perfect: Biodun Stephen has Bolanle Ninalowo to thank for bringing heart and depth to “Picture Perfect.” “Picture Perfect” was a surprise of a film. Story development and acting makes this memorable. It is not a film you would love for any outstanding style in cinematography, but you would love the commitment from the lead actor. “Picture Perfect” is a 2017 effort that would have you going back to it and randomly checking scenes to have a quick laugh.


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  • Banana Island Ghost: “Banana Island Ghost” is on the list for being the most visually outstanding film of 2017. Not everyone will agree on the influence of this film, but to understand BB Sasore’s symbolic representation on a number of topics is to give proper credit for his effort. “Banana Island Ghost” arrives with lots of laughter by combining Saheed Balogun and Akah Nnani, and has its moments of solitude in the story being told with the character of Patrick, and his interaction with Baba God, but above everything else, its visual accomplishment is unforgettable.


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  • Lotanna: Toba McCabor’s “Lotanna” enjoyed publicity for the interesting theme it took for its premiere, and after that, not much was said or heard of the film. “Lotanna” takes us back in time with a story worthy of commendation and an execution-style that is impressive. The use of costume and music makes “Lotanna” one of the films you should catch before the year runs out.


These are our top five films of 2017. We are eager to see what Nollywood will bring us in 2018 and would love to hear what film stood out for you; in terms of story, execution and even in music and any other criteria that makes you decide that a film is good. What were your favourite Nollywood movies this year?


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