Movie Review: “You, Me, Maybe”

Screenplay: Jessica Agba

Producer: Funmbi Ogunmbawo

Director: Lowla Dee

Cast: Ade Laoye, Tina Mba, Bassey Okon, Ademola Adedoyin


Just when we thought Lowla Dee was about taking a break from romantic stories, this brilliant young filmmaker, may have just given us her best love story yet in, “Me, You Maybe”.

Lowla Dee is evidently fascinated with love stories or perhaps, she’s a hopeless romantic. In previous productions, such as “Brave” and “A Place Called Happy,” she explores a difficult aspect of love, endurance. In these productions, she does such a remarkable job of telling simple love stories, in a spectacular way, thereby,  drawing the audience in, and making movies and content which will linger in our memories for a while.    It took “This is It” for many of us to know Lowla, as the filmmaker behind “Brave,” and “A Place called Happy,”. In her most recent creation,  “You, Me, maybe” showing on iRoko TV, again, she uses her compelling style to tell us another fascinating love story.

Image result for you me maybe iroko


In “You, Me, maybe” promising young actressAde Laoye plays Samantha, a young caterer who undergoes surgery to remove fibroids and in the process has to lose one ovary. Her reproductive health status, becomes a huge cause for concern. Samantha is not yet thirty, has never been married, and does not have kids. Her health crisis triggers a chain of reactions in her family. Her parents begin to mount pressure on her to find a husband and have children fast.  The fact that Samantha, an only child, intensifies the pressure from her family. She eventually starts a relationship with Jide and it seems he is the one, but, further revelation proves that Samantha might have a bigger complication than what she was told by her doctors. Her parents take the situation to heart and propose hooking her to a childhood friend.

The dilemma here; will Samantha marry the man she has been connected to and have kids early, or will she choose true love and insist on a life of happiness despite the lack of children?

What will you choose?

“You, Me, Maybe” is a fresh story. This is not the type of story we associate with love narratives in Nollywood. For the screenwriter, Jessica Agba, she considers that her audience will have opposing views and it was important how she closed her story. While the better part of the story focused on this dilemma, and it is what you will be faced with while watching this film, she still manages an important conversation on choice. There are very few stories that inspire the type of thinking the writer requests from her audience. Life is full of complications, and “You, Me, Maybe” explores one of those complications, very quickly.

Ade Laoye is recommendable and continues to prove her value as a rising star in Nollywood. In “You, Me, Maybe” it was interesting to watch the attention to details. Ade might be a good caterer on the side, but watching her as Samantha was totally convincing. We were in the moment, not watching the moment.

“You, Me, Maybe” suffers from quick clichés and even though we are not happy seeing Tina Mba in a role that is slowly being attached to her, in almost every film. The film holds great value for its originality in storytelling and the concept of executing this story.



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