Who’s that Girl? Ijeoma Agu Releases Stunning Photos

Y’all are not ready for “Taxi Driver” star, Ijeoma Grace Agu, this year.

Ijeoma, who just got back from a tour of the United States where Taxi Driver was showcased in major IVY LEAGUE Schools such as “Columbia University”,”Dartmouth College” and Harvard, is ready to take on Nollywood in 2018.

She also shared photos from her new movie, ‘LITOK (Love In a Time of Kekes), The conclusion of movies for Trybes TV.

The talented actress said she is ready to take up bigger responsibilities in 2018.

Check out the pictures below:

1292018105525 img20180129wa0002

1292018105525 img20180129wa0003

1292018105526 img20180129wa0004

1292018105527 img20180129wa0005

1292018105527 img20180129wa0006

1292018105527 img20180129wa0007

1292018105528 img20180129wa0008

1292018105528 img20180129wa0009

1292018105529 img20180129wa0011

1292018105529 img20180129wa0012

1292018105529 img20180129wa0014

1292018105530 img20180129wa0015

1292018105530 img20180129wa0017

1292018105530 img20180129wa0019

1292018105531 img20180129wa0022

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