Bored Online? Check out these 5 Nigerian Web Series

Was your favourite web show cut? Check out these 5 Web Series returning in 2018

Many creatives around the world are running online to share their content and earn money from it. There is no better way to reach a larger audience than using the web to share, engage and monetize. The culture of sharing online is growing in Nigeria. There are a lot of production houses creating content to leverage on youth attention, which is mostly online.

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2017 proved that the possibility of creating online series is endless. We received many series from independent producers, first-time filmmakers and a lot of production houses commissioned full Web series.

2018 is looking to cash in on the same market. The biggest video sharing site in the world — YouTube, has changed its monetization policy. This means that really good content will take top priority. It also means that producers have to double up on creating good series that will make the audience come back to check new episodes of what they are creating. It also means that a lot of shows will not return, either because they were unable to find their audience in their first run, or because they were not good at all.

In the first quarter of 2018, we have heard and read of a lot of Web Series making it back online. Some of these series, we have written reviews of, and they have proven to have quite the loyal fan base.

These are some of the Web Series returning in the First Quarter of 2018

  • MTV Shuga: MTV has succeeded in sustaining interest for the new season of MTV Shuga by having a highly profiled audition in August of 2017. MTV Shuga originally shows on the MTV Channels but to reach its very young audience, MTV shares episodes of the series on YouTube. Seasons of MTV Shuga manage to gather over 100,000 for episodes. That is a lot of money for MTV but the education the show offers is also important. The new season of MTV Shuga is set to start showing on the 6th of March and it shows a lot of changes. Leila (played by Jemima Osunde) seems to have a lot of attention on her as there is a drastic change of attitude to her character.
  • Inspector K: Koye “K 10” Kekere-Ekun plays “Inspector K” in the whodunit web series by Red TV. The series featured Inspector K trying to figure out a murderer from a number of young people. The first season lasted for five episodes and while the number of episodes for the second season has not been announced, Inspector K is expected to solve more problems in the new season.
  • Rumour Has It: The first season of “Rumour Has It” had Uru Eke in a lead role as a Blogger/Vlogger who is disappointed by her philandering husband. The first season resolved every issue that needed resolving. Ndani TV has ordered for a second season and there is a casting switch. Linda Ejiofor will be taking the lead in the new season and will be joined by Jemima Osunde, Abimbola Craig and a number of other new actors. There is no word if Linda Ejiofor will replace Uru Eke, but Uru will not be featured on the new season.
  • Gidi Up: “Gidi Up” was slated to return in 2017, a teaser was shared but Ndani TV featured “Lagos Big Boys” instead. They have teased the return of “Gidi Up”, and while it might not get a lot of views like it should, we are excited to see the direction “Gidi Up” will take and the twist to the returning characters.
  • Single Ladies: Ndani TV will be showing the second season of the popular “Single Ladies” on the 14th The new season will feature Mercy Aigbe, Annie Idibia, and Mary Rhemmy Njoku among others. The series features 5 single women trying to juggle career, heartbreaks and the need to get married.

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