“Light In The Dark” Looks Promising, Here’s Why!

AMVCA winner, Ekene Som Mekwunye has released the trailer for his first feature “Light In the Dark”.  ‘Light in The Dark’, a 2018 Nollywood thriller, parades actors like Rita Dominic, Joke Silva, Kalu Ikeagwu, Ngozi Nwosu, Kiki Omeili, Mannie of Cool FM Lagos.

The movie explores several themes, including Rape,  tribalism, and Betrayal.


When Emeka and Jumoke fall in-love they have no idea that their love would be tested so severely. First, they must conquer the tribal war brewing as both their families insist on their children, marrying a partner from their respective tribes. Going against the pressures of family, Emeka (Kalu Ikeagwu) and Jumoke (Rita Dominic) decide to weather their storms and get married.

Ten years, into their marriage, they have a beautiful nine-year-old daughter, whom they love dearly, but Emeka’s family is dissatisfied and berates Jumoke for not having a son.

Suddenly the family is faced with its biggest trial.  A gang of robbers attacks them one night, and the gang leader decides to rape Jumoke. As she protests his decision, the gang leader threatens to rape their daughter instead. Emeka faces a dilemma at this point. Jumoke finally complies and this tears their world apart after. It gets tougher when she finds out she is pregnant weeks after.



According to Mekwunye, the film is a drama feature film that has a compelling story that would hold the viewers’ spellbound, adding that the story is accompanied by great acting, delivered by seasoned and known actors, and strong cinematic directing.

Mekwunye is an award-winning filmmaker with a strong interest in photography and teaching. His short film titled Oblivious was awarded the winner of Best Short Film in Africa at the African Magic Viewers Choice Awards (AMVCA) in 2015.



2 thoughts on ““Light In The Dark” Looks Promising, Here’s Why!

  1. Same tired storyline we have seen time and time again. Too much going on as far as themes go and none of it will be handled well because we think throwing everything but the kitchen sink will give actors something to do on screen. I already see a lot of emoting, shouting and crying headed our way. Frankly, the story could do without the tribalism angle, but no, it is what Nigeria is about so we have to perpetuate the same narrative and behaviors without offering any real solutions. Why not inject some originality and have the gang leader rape the husband instead? See how that plays out. It opens up a completely new dimension to explore questions of masculinity in Nigerian society; how the wife now views the husband and how he views himself. Again no, we like to play it safe and say male rape is not something that happens or we’re not trying to alienate the audience or some nonsense like that. So no, I do not think there is anything promising with this movie so I will not be watching it. Next!


    1. Loool!
      Haba! Johnson, chill now.
      I get you. fingers crossed. We will do a review once the movie is out. Hopefully, we can convince you to see it.


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