Movie Review: Will you Marry Me?

Director: Emmanuel Mang Eme

Cast: Wole Ojo, Ruth Kadiri, Peggy Ovire, Ifeanyi Kalu and Uche Joan

Year: 2018

In “Will You Marry Me?” The narrative focuses on Efe (Wole Ojo), a depressed married man who returns home some weeks after his wedding to find his wife cheating. Efe does not confront his wife, instead, he plunges into alcohol and spends time with prostitutes. Efe eventually meets and starts a relationship with a prostitute that gets his attention for being daring and quite inquisitive. They start a relationship. While the woman wants money, he wants sexual commitment. They fit each other’s need, but when the woman’s need changes, things get complicated.

“Will you Marry Me?” focuses on women in true daredevil behavior. One female character is a pro at being a pimp. The other sleeps with men for money and another cannot stay faithful few weeks after her wedding. These representations of women could be realistic for some women and how they live their lives, but “Will you Marry Me” feeds on stereotype. It does not give the female characters the time to do good or be better.

It shows women as lovers of money, women as desperate for marriage and in need of sex, more than it does anything else. Emmanuel Mang Eme has directed films with women in enjoyable and respectable roles. While art should explore humans, ““Will you Marry Me?” looks and feels like a conscious attack and a lesson directed to women, alone. The men in this narrative err but the focus is not on them as it is on the women.

Also, the story arch of respectable women having to conform to prostitution, because they need money to treat a parent is overblown.

Can men also be taught how to behave better? Can we have narratives where a woman does not inspire a man to depression?

The good side of the story is in Efe, he does the job of stirring the conversation on marital issues. Efe sees his wife cheating and instead of confronting her for it, he frustrates her to the point of divorce. For a few people that have seen this film, they agree that it is a reality for some men to frustrate their wives to a divorce. It is interesting to see this on screen. It is also interesting to see how the storytellers try to resolve the issue.

“Will you Marry Me?” combines good actors, this might be the draw for you. There are new introductions in the production and that is something that stands out.


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