Series Review: Rumour Has It Season 2, Episode 1

Producer: Abimbola Craig

Director: Jay Franklyn Jituboh

Cast: Linda Ejiofor, Jemima Osunde, Efa Iwara, Mawuli Gavor, Pelummi Shittu

Year: 2018

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When the final episode of the first season of “Rumour Has it” was released in 2016, it left us happy. Obi (Uru Eke), the lead character, had amassed a fan base due to the heartache she suffered in her sham marriage. Someone had also thought of the story as a re-enactment of the life of a famous media personality. This sold the story to Ndani’s female viewers.

Earlier this year, Ndani TV teased the second season for Rumour Has It. We considered a number of directions the new season will take, including a new romantic arc for Obi and a possible career switch due to the lessons she learned from the media, in the last season. Unfortunately for many of us, Obi is not returning in the new season.

The first episode of Rumour Has It 2 employs a number of new faces and brings a fresh perspective to the narrative while retaining some of the values of the first season.

It starts with Ranti (Jemima Osunde) in the position of power. Ranti has managed to escape the storm that came from her dishonesty in the first season. Obi also leaves the country and trusts her blog to Ranti. In true Ranti style, the season starts with a betrayal. She buys the domain name to, thereby throwing Obi off her life’s investment.

Ranti is also unhappy in the new season and is struggling to find friends and a bit of entertainment, which looks like a good taste of her own drama. It will be interesting to follow if Ranti will be capable of sustaining the blog, or if she fails at it.

Dolapo (Linda Ejiofor) is the new character on the show. While trying to get donors for her NGO, she meets a web designer, who is in the new season to complicate her life. Her life offers a fresh perspective on the new season and could be where a lot of our drama comes from.

The new episode does not start with the sense of urgency the first season started with, but it hints at a lot of trouble for the new characters.

The teaser for the new season sold the show as having more hot guys than a story. The storyline from the first episode of the new season does not premiere with as much magic and entertainment like the first season did, but there is hope with upcoming episodes.  Subsequent episodes will tell if the new season meets up with the good dose of drama we had in 2016 or not.

Jemima Osunde, Efa Iwara, and Linda Ejiofor do a great job of giving the new season a good start. If you were a faithful follower of the first season, you will feel the absence of Blossom Chukwujekwu, Toni Tones and definitely Uru Eke.

With upcoming episodes, we will be looking out to see if the crop of new actors meets up to what was done by the former set of actors. We will keep you updated!


Rumour Has It is currently streaming on Ndani TV’s YouTube page.

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