Inspector K 2: So far, Quite Disappointing!

In 2017, Red TV launched “Inspector K” a whodunnit drama that paired a wacky inspector with a team of young officers to solve a murder case. The first episode of the debut season came with a lot of drama — young people, alcohol, a blogger that is hated and eventually murdered.

A show with such a story and good humour looked like a good bet for Red TV.

Through each episode, we were interested in finding the murderer, especially because fingers were pointing in so many different directions. There was curiosity from the viewers; producers capitalised on that and took a break from releasing the last episode. When the last episode was finally released, it did not meet up to the standard from the other episodes. While Koye “K” 10 did an exceptional job as Inspector K, there was a lot the producers needed to look into while creating a second season.

The new season of “Inspector K” follows the wacky inspector as his team expands and he tries to balance their drama and his own quirkiness. In the first episode, a group of robbers break into Imperial   Fund, the ‘second most popular place’ where affluent Nigerians store their wealth.

Inspector K is supposed to crack the case with his team. The case has been one that has been difficult for the Police to crack in a long time. New introductions are made to the team to make investigation easier. With an expansion of the team, comes more cliché scenes that shouldn’t have made it to the final cut.

A second season was an opportunity to create a difference that will trigger more interest in the character of Inspector K. The writers are reinventing a wheel.

Haven received feedback from the past season, the writers are taking the same route with the new season. It does not bring any difference from what we already saw in the first season. We are going back to investigating crimes, in the same way. While season 1 dealt with murder, the new season is about theft. This time we know the culprits but it is hard to spot what makes the new season fresh or even exciting to watch.

The intention of the show is clear. It is created to make you laugh – nothing serious. But if laughter is the end game, then there should be provision for a lot of it. However, the new season seems to intentionally push for this laughter. It tries too hard. Inspector K gets even more dramatic and his team members are more animated in their actions. In the second episode, a female Inspector is introduced to the team and for a moment, it gets quite confusing on why the actors are directed to behave in the way they do.

“Inspector K” is currently streaming on Red TV, if you had fun with the first one, this one might not provide the same type of entertainment.

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