Review: “In Love and Ashes” 

Producer: Ishaku Dashon

Written and Directed: Umar Turaki

Cast: Charles Etubiebe, Meg Otanwa, Patience Ozokwor

Year: 2017


Currently showing on Ebony Life TV and on NTA is “In Love and Ashes”,  gives us a glimpse into the lives of internally displaced people(IDP’s) in Borno State and the people who make an effort to help them. But, beyond that, it explores themes of hate and forgiveness. If you were a fan of “Wetin Dey”, then “In Love and Ashes” is offering the same type of balance by bringing an important social message forward, through entertainment.

Sani Danja, Meg Otanwa, Charles Etubiebe, Nafisat Addullahi and Patience Ozokwor are just some of the actors that make this series different. “In Love and Ashes” is a narrative of hope in the face of disaster, a bitter-sweet tale that highlights the social, humanitarian and moral challenges that bedevil communities and their inhabitants that have experienced violent extremism in North Eastern Nigeria.

In the first episode, we meet Emeka (Charles Etubiebe) who is planning his wedding to Folake (Meg Otanwa). He is asked to represent his company in Borno, to check the progress of internally displaced people and bring a report. It is exactly six weeks to his wedding and he has to spend two of those weeks in Maiduguri. While his fiancée is supportive of his work, she is feeling stressed – there is a problem that is to come and we feel it in the first episode. His mother played by Patience Ozokwor is worried and in true Patience style, she calls her son to scold him for going to Maiduguri.

“In Love and Ashes” does not just feature the remains of Maiduguri as we think it is, we also catch the struggle with people put in charge of IDP camps. A possible arc to the story, showing extortion from IDP camp director will be interesting to see.


Viewers can also catch up with the episodes and behind the scenes content on the ‘In Love and Ashes YouTube’ page.The eight-part series was funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development, USAID, and addresses the impact of war and terrorism on everyday people’s lives.


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