EbonyLife Reacts After Public Speaker Accuses Presenter of Sexual Assault

EbonyLife TV says it is investigating allegations of sexual assault leveled against Andre Blaze Henshaw, presenter of Men’s Corner. Timehin Adegbeye, a writer, and public speaker had accused Henshaw of assaulting her two years ago.

“Andre Blaze assaulted me two years ago. He continues to deny that he assaulted me despite there being witnesses of the assault,” she wrote in a post on social media, to which the television presenter had subsequently issued a statement denying the alleged assault.

In a swift reply, Andre Blaze Henshaw through his @AndreBlaze handle, responded thus: “I’m issuing a brief statement in light of the allegations made against my person.

The things being said about me, those that know me can attest are not the actions of the person they know as a friend, son, brother and father.” Going further, Adegbeye, an activist who has given two TED talks and whose work focuses on gender, women’s rights and health, and sex and sexual violence, also alleged that Lagos socialite, Pretty Mike, raped her when she was 16 years old.

“Pretty Mike raped me near Club Q when I was 16 years old, and I’m willing to bet he doesn’t even remember,” she wrote further. Reacting to the incident, EbonyLife TV released a statement on Monday, saying it “has been made aware” of the allegations in the last few days. Mo Abudu, CEO of Ebony- Life TV, said: “I am very concerned about these allegations and I am determined to find out the truth.

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