RMD & Joseph Benjamin Set to Star in New Flick

With a working title, ‘The Heir Apparent’, the story which is situated in America revolves around a Nigerian Prince who went to American to study but nothing prepared him for the lifestyle shock and the lures that come with it.

The Antilia Heights Production movie is directed by Robert Peters and is shot in both Atlanta and Lagos with plans to hit the box-office in August. The producer wants to go the whole nine yards with his new flick. “We hope to make a good showing at the box office. The plan is to premiere in American and go into cinemas in Nigeria and Africa as a whole,” he said.

Casting such high-profile actors is not exactly a stroll-in-the-park, Steve Ogbaro has his way around these things. Ogbaro noted, “Everyone knows RMD as the consummate actor that delivers on every role. He has been like an older brother to me. We’ve known each other for many years. Similarly, Joseph is also a friend, and when I sent each of them the script, they read it and after were blown away and couldn’t wait to jump on board.” Beyond its cinematic preoccupation, Antilia Heights has its eyes on the big pie to float its own online streaming TV service.  “We have a lot of other projects going on. For instance, we have another movie we are shooting in Lagos now and a comedy series going on as well,” he revealed.

He explained further, “we will have thousands of movies and some series that will be exclusive to our online TV. Yes, we are working on an online streaming TV service just like Netflix Etc.”


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