Movie Review: Home

Producer and Director: Austine Lordlaz

Cast: Ekpe Junior Ekpe, Joshua Okemiri, Jane Essien Essiet, Glory Asam

Year: 2018

Young and emerging filmmaker, Austine Lordlaz’s, short film explores the effects of parental neglect on young children in Home.

Home is 10 minutes short that picks on the true-life account of 6-year-old Junior caught in the web of parental fight and who consequently falls a victim of neglect and abandonment. Junior’s resolve to do things himself turns tragic.

Many moments in Lordlaz’s film capture the young couple (Junior’s parents) being at loggerhead, until eventually, we see their young child try to carry on with his life without guidance. Austine explores moments of loneliness and confusion that the young child endures. Junior struggles to react to his parent’s issues because there seems to be no space for him to do so. Junior’s moments of loneliness reaches a peak when he sees a very loving couple on his way to school. With no dialogue, we are able to see that the young child desires a family like the one he has just seen. The moment drowns the young boy and leads to what should have been an avoidable mistake.

Home is straight to the point and does not try to be complicated, but in its ten minutes, it could have let go of certain moments. For example, the scene with the maid getting involved in the couple’s squabble should have been traded for moments that capture how Junior struggles while his parents’ squabbles. While Lordlaz involves the young maid to show the extreme length the couple go in their fights, the story’s focus is on junior; therefore, there should have been more moments with Junior instead.

A short film gives very limited time and, in that time, the best has to be captured.

Unfortunately, we do not see the severity of the couple’s disputes until the final minutes but at that moment, the film makes its point and the lesson is there for anyone to take advantage of.

Austine’s story is straight to the point and anyone can understand the essence of the message being communicated. Austine also makes a great choice by hiring new faces that make the story watchable.

Home is currently showing on YouTube.





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