About Us


Film Blogger, founder of Nollywood Observer Blog – SOYEM OSAKWE


Nollywood Observer was created as a conversation-starter for Nigerians and African film lovers home and abroad to celebrate and promote the diversity of Nigerian film and TV content.

We share news, reviews, features and exclusive interviews on the Nigerian Film industry and the “odd” industry that produces them.  The goal is to constantly update film lovers with what is bubbling in the industry.

Tweet the hashtag #NollywoodObserver to join the conversation on Nigerian Film & Television content.

SOYEM OSAKWE has gone full circle in the media and communication’s industry. From presenting sports, to working as an editor, PR executive, account director, and digital marketing consultant. She has amassed a wealth of marketing communications, branding and social media marketing experience as both a consultant and in-house communications professional.

A keen observer of the budding Nigerian movie industry, Soyem started blogging about Nollywood in 2014. She has interviewed award-winning actors, actresses and behind-the-scenes folks from countless movies.


Contact: nollywoodobserver@gmail.com

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