Living in Bondage: Breaking Free – A Tale of Two Eras

Breaking Free did a good job of bringing to life, an old story that has a lot of relevance and currency. With the Yahoo plus, drug pushing and ‘pant for Benz’ narratives among the millennials, the issue of ritual killing brings another dimension that we like to wish away, but still lives with us. Nigeria is replete with stories of unusual deaths and inexplicable wealth, making a mockery of hard-working people. The earlier we use narratives from movies like this to present life as collection of cause and effects, the better for us.

Mary Njoku, Desmond Elliot, Bolanle Ninalowo Party with Fans During “ROK ME” Tour in Lagos

Mary Njoku, CEO of ROK Studios, alongside Nollywood stars, Desmond Elliot, Bolanle Ninalowo, Chinedu Ikedieze and Efe Irele have just completed the ROK ME Lagos Tour. This comes after the stars have been on a whistlestop tour of South Africa, Zambia and the UK, connecting with fans and Nollywood lovers across Africa and the diaspora.

Netflix Swoops on TIFF Selection ‘Lionheart’

Netflix has acquired worldwide rights to TIFF selection Lionheart.