MultiChoice Talent Factory Launches West Africa Academy

The launch of the Academy, expected to provide Africa’s next generation of film and television storytellers with a 12-month training programme, attracted commendation for MultiChoice by the Lagos State Government.

New Web Series “Corper Shun” Falls Short in Pilot

With its first episode showing on YouTube, “Corper Shun” puts the lives of five Corp members in perspective.

Review: “In Love and Ashes” 

“In Love and Ashes” is a narrative of hope in the face of disaster, a bitter-sweet tale that highlights the social, humanitarian and moral challenges that bedevil communities and their inhabitants that have experienced violent extremism in North Eastern Nigeria.

Inspector K 2: So far, Quite Disappointing!

In 2017, Red TV launched “Inspector K” a whodunnit drama that paired a wacky inspector with a team of young officers to solve a murder case. The first episode of the debut season came with a lot of drama --- young people, alcohol, a blogger that is hated and eventually murdered. A show with such … Continue reading Inspector K 2: So far, Quite Disappointing!