The Most Anticipated films of 2018

With all the trouble in the news, seeing a film can take away a lot of the stress. Once in a while, we crave a form of escapism to help us with whatever worries us. Nollywood is rising, and there is a consistent effort from producers to get you to the cinema to watch content … Continue reading The Most Anticipated films of 2018

Who is Lucy Ameh? Meet the Actress who Plays “Amina”

The filmmakers were specific about who should be Amina, she had to be a “New face”, and a new face it was. She did not only dedicate her time to the movie for the sake of the recognition that was to come but the intensity of the story which she hungrily wants the audience to connect to, the intention was to make sure that people left the theatre feeling a rough yet timely connection to the heroine Amina.

“Amina, Queen of Zazzau” Why Izu Ojukwu’s Movie Could Lead the Way for Other Films on Our Heroines

Very little has been written or said about the female historical figures that fought for what they believed in and we have a good number of those, from Emotan to Idia of Benin Kingdom, Inikpi of the Igala land, Moremi and the very famous Fumilayo Kuti they have all thrived in the most difficult situations. Their stories are important and they should be immortalized with important films that mark a turning point in our cinemas.