3 Films to Check Out at the Cinemas this March

  Don't know what Nollywood films to see at the cinemas? Check out these Nollywood movies showing this March. New Money by Tope Oshin: New Money does not have an out of the box trailer but it looks like a good film. Tope Oshin directs the feature about Toun, a young girl coming to terms … Continue reading 3 Films to Check Out at the Cinemas this March

Nollywood Has a Role to Play in the Nigerian Project

Can Nollywood challenge and repudiate the negative narrative about Nigeria?

Can Nollywood Create and Export the Nigerian Identity Through a Symbol?

Do you think Nollywood would one day single out what values to uphold and introduce that which make us unique through a symbol or several symbols?

War Against Piracy: President Buhari Urges Law Enforcement Agencies to Step Up Their Efforts

“Nollywood is making progress. We should work with them"