Review: “In Love and Ashes” 

“In Love and Ashes” is a narrative of hope in the face of disaster, a bitter-sweet tale that highlights the social, humanitarian and moral challenges that bedevil communities and their inhabitants that have experienced violent extremism in North Eastern Nigeria.

The Wedding Party2 to Premiere December 10

The Wedding Party 2 will premiere on the 10th of December 2017. Mo Abudu, CEO of EbonyLife TV, made the announcement earlier today.  The theme of the premiere is "Arabian Nights" and according to Mo, it is set to be the biggest premiere of 2017.

“The Royal Hibiscus Hotel” to Make World Premiere at TIFF 2017

The Royal Hibiscus Hotel is a romantic comedy about a Nigerian couple who run a charming, but run-down, boutique hotel in a little town in Nigeria.

Movie Review: Omugwo

Afolayan relaxes with Omugwo. There are no mysteries in this one. Even Phone Swap has a little mystery. “Omugwo” is purely relatable for mothers and is an exploration of an aspect of a culture. It also takes on Post-Partum depression. After child-birth what is the state of the woman’s mind? The concern of weight, of an incredibly tasking adjustment, of a new demand, all these questions play a part in Omugwo.

Nollywood Has a Role to Play in the Nigerian Project

Can Nollywood challenge and repudiate the negative narrative about Nigeria?