RMD, Ivie Okujaye, Taiwo Ajayi -Lycett Lead the Cast of Oloibiri


Emmy Award Winner Curtis Graham (Greyhouse films) has teamed up with Right Angle Productions, a Canadian film production company to work on his latest project – OLOIBIRI. The movie which is set for release at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival features top Nigerian actors such as RMD, Ivie Okujaye and Taiwo Ajayi -Lycett.


The movie is a narrative piece, explaining the changes brought to the residents of Olobiri by big oil: polluted waters, poisoned fish, infertile crop lands, political corruption and violence. Graham’s film tells the story of one village, whose elders signed on to oil drilling unaware of how this industry would change their lives and their village forever.


Check out Oloibiri in a cinema near you.

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