Movie Review: Lunch Time Heroes

By Yvonne Williams


Revenge, the sweet taste of her! What is it about that cold blooded insatiable quest to bring those very individuals, who dared to snub and rubbish the repute of your person, down on their knees causing them to choke on those very words which they unceremoniously spat in your face? Hmm…the mystery of that exhilarating thrill!

Impressively in an era where storylines are brazenly recycled over and over again and thrown at us, ‘Lunch Time Heroes’, a family comedy-drama from the stables of PHB films and FilmOne Production & Distribution wins hearts over with its refreshing plot.


The plot centres around a 23-year-old National Youth Corp inductee Banke Adewunmi (Diana Yekini ) who is posted to ‘Excelsior’ a Junior Secondary School for her primary assignment. Upon arrival at her destination she is given the cold shoulder by literally everyone around and dumped with the responsibility of babysitting the “leftovers” – a discarded bunch of unruly kids, who have been covertly abandoned, for not being amongst the privileged few taking part in the annual Governor’s Scholastic Sports and Arts Cup competition between all the schools in the State, which is the school’s winning ticket out of financial distress.

Although “Lunch Time Heroes” wows with its uncommon storyline and brilliant performances from Dakore Akande and Tina Mba, it falls short in its delivery – somewhat un-contagious forced humour, thinness of the plot, overacting among other things. It appears as if the producers were revelling in the excitement of pulling off an unconventional theme that they forgot to fine-tune necessary details.

Although “Lunch time heroes” might not excite the general audience, it no doubt would be a welcome delight for the youth and the young at heart.

Written by Moses Babatope and Diche Enunwa and directed by Seyi Babatope and starring Nollywood stars: Dakore Akande, Omoni Oboli, Tina Mba, Tope Tedela, Kenneth Okolie as well as Diana Yekini, Bikiya Graham-Douglas, Udoka Oyeka and child stars, Kada Mathew , Cassandra Rosman, Sunshine Rosman, Donpet Enebeli, Chrostopher Ochiyanbo, Deborah Oboh, and Louie Obioha, the movie attempts to instill the importance of self motivation and determination in our pursuit for greatness.

About the Author

Yvonne Williams is a content executive at Happenings Magazine
Nigeria Online Media

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