Movie Review: Celebrity Marriage

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Director: Pascal Amanfo

Cast: Tonto Dikeh, Toyin Abraham, Odunlade Adekola, Jackie Appiah, Kanayo O. Kanayo

Year: 2017

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We love celebrities. We pay attention to their lives more than we pay attention to important stories affecting the world. It is a shame, but it is the culture. Because we love them, it would seem like a perfect catch to see a film that mirrors their lives. “Celebrity Marriage” has been marketed as that film, but it rarely lives up to that promise.

At a glance, “Celebrity Marriage” seems to have everything working excellently for it — it is a film created by celebrities, on the celebrity life, which sounds like the perfect inside story. Unfortunately, it does not quite capture that. “Celebrity Marriage” gathers celebrities that have been in the news for controversy, but does nothing exceptional with the buzz.

Farouk (Odunlade Adekola) and Rita (Toyin Abraham) are a dysfunctional couple. She has a successful career as an actor and Farouk can hardly support his woman’s success. His insecurity shines through the film. He reminds her at every beat, what part he played in her success. He would rather she cuts off her friends, and if possible, he would ruin everything the woman has. Rita is unable to leave the chaotic marriage because she believes that she has to keep it together. We watch the successful woman, who is appreciated by thousands of adoring fans endure abuse.

On the other side, Stephanie (Tonto Dikeh) has just gotten married, and while her place should be with her husband, she is also having an affair with her husband’s uncle. The affair is her ticket to flaunting the type of life she wants her fans to believe she is enjoying.

The third character is Victoria, played by Jackie Appiah, she is married to a footballer, but the marriage is on the verge of crumbling because Victoria cheats at every slight opportunity.

While Pascal Amanfo knows how to craft engaging dialogue, the job of creating the action and dialogue here goes to three writers. Having three writers also means that all writers aim to tell different stories in the same film. There are moments it feels like we are watching three films in one.

“Celebrity Marriage” is a mash-up of different stories, and just because mash-ups are not always good, “Celebrity Marriage” proves that it is not here for anything extraordinary. This story should have skipped the cinema format of release. It is the type of story that would make iRoko TV faithful subscribers really happy and get them arguing in the comment section. However, it takes strength to travel to the cinema and return disappointed, this should have been considered by the producers before choosing to release at the cinema.

The film had a chance at being one of those highly recommended films but it is not. While it is highly humorous — humor here, almost excuses domestic violence which leaves us with a sour taste.

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