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Despite how perfect we may appear to others, we all have secrets! The Visit strives to prove that with its stellar cast.

Two couples with contrasting morals are neighbours. Ajiri Shagaya (Nse-Ikpe Etim) and Lanre Shagaya (Blossom Chukwujekwu) are a married, disorganised and lousy couple. They are public alcoholics and every move they make is hardly discreet. They seem to be the happy yet dysfunctional couple.

Their neighbours, Eugenia Nebo (BayRay Mcwizu) a fashion blogger and Chidi Nebo (Femi Jacobs) an IT Consultant appear to us as the organised yet unhappy couple. It is very easy to get this message from the very first scene, they are overtly organised, they hardly have a conversation with each other, they appear to us as roommates not lovers but they seem to have the better life. At least at first they are not doing all the extremely wrong things in life.

Eugenia is conscious of her neighbours. Their morals contrast that of their neighbours, the loud music and the drinking affects the Nebo’s extremely. Eugenia wants her husband Chidi to confront them. Chidi is a man that is willingly to obey his wife for the sake of peace. There are moments that he even finds the lives of his neighbours intriguing. Eugenia on her part has laid the rules on how they should live. She wants prim and proper but her neighbours live without such rules. The Nebo’s and the Shagaya’s decide to confront each other because they are not comfortable with each other’s way of living.

Chidi and Eugenia’s sitting room offers the atmosphere where secrets get revealed. The Nebo’s are not perfect after all; Chidi is unable to open up to his wife about how much he hates her cooking. He dumps it every morning before leaving for work. Eugenia is an alcoholic, she manages to cover her bad habits but the Shagaya’s find out and all these get exposed.

The Shagaya’s on the other hand, they seem like the open couple that will communicate everything to each other but not everything is what it seems to be after all. They also have secrets. Ajiri is dissatisfied with Lanre in many ways but she is unable to open up to him.

The story is rich; a lot of hard work and time was dedicated to the writing of the script. It focuses on wild issues in the best way. The Visit is not one of those films that include unnecessary fillers to excuse its two hour timing. The dialogue is rich, the acting is spectacular and that is what makes a fantastic film.

Eugenia has a past that affects her, she is a victim of genital mutilation and her lifestyle and addiction to alcohol is a way of coping. There are a lot more issues that are addressed through the use of powerful dialogue; the dialogue inspires strong images in the mind of the viewer. The Visit tackles infidelity in marriages, cultism, drug trafficking and also dishonesty in marriages.

While Chidi cheats on Eugenia. Ajiri is unable to be honest with Lanre and it is a problem for both of them. Eugenia is also a professional pretender. Eugenia antics are the highlights of the whole film.

Casting these particular actors was the best decision the filmmakers made. BayRay Mcwizu is a spectacular actress, she gets very little credit for her talent but it does not stop her from being memorable film after film. Nse Ikpe Etim does an excellent job. For Femi Jacobs and Blossom Chukwujekwu they are also wonderful on The Visit.

It was fantastic seeing Blossom as Lanre Shagaya, it is different from what we are used to seeing him do and so it makes for a refreshing experience.

Shirley Frimpong Manso features only two characters in Rebecca and it is an exceptional production and the Visit on the other hand emphasizes on an exceptional filmmaking style that features just four people, but with a story that is there to convince us to reflect on our lives. If you put the theatrics away and focus on the story and the dialogue, there is so much

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