Nigeria, Ghana Should Be ‘OneWood’ – IK Ogbonna


Nigerian actor, IK Ogbonna, believes the relationship between the Nigerian movie industry, Nollywood, and their Ghanaian counterparts, Ghollywood, is very tightly-bounded and should be called ‘Onewood’ instead.

Ogbonna added that there is hardly a difference between the two countries and the Ghanaians are like brothers.

“Sometimes you forget the difference between Ghana and Nigeria, it’s just a thin line,” the actor told Channels Television.

Ogbonna stars in new comedy movie, ‘Ghana Must Go’, a collaboration between Nollywood and Ghollywood.

The movie, written by Tunde Babalola, revolves around two young lovers who are of Nigerian and Ghanaian origin.

The movie derived its title from a carrier bag which became famous in the 80’s when millions of unregistered immigrants in Nigeria, mostly Ghanaians, were asked to leave the country.

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