Check out these 4 Nigerian Shows on YouTube

Image result for mtv sugar Season 6

Wondering what to watch online? YouTube is blazing with many Nigerian Web Series, that are influencing online conversation on topics, such as: Love, Obsession, Youth, Sex, Marriage and War.

Nollywood Observer has surfed through YouTube and we are keeping up with all the Web Series currently streaming.

These are the top four you should check.

  • MTV Shuga Season 6: Six seasons in and MTV Shuga is not showing a sign of slowing down. The new season is full of interesting drama. Some extreme changes come from some of our past favourite characters. For example, Leila (played by Jemima Osunde) has gone from the smart and innocent young girl we saw in the fourth season, to replacing her interest in school, with partying and sex. While Leila’s character is an integral part of the new season, there are many new characters making the new season worth watching. From Faa and Ebisinde, who are siblings trying to live better lives, to Yasmin and Mahmud, who give better representation of married couples from Northern Nigeria.
  • Rumour Has It: Sometimes the first episode of a show is not a true representation of what the whole run will be. “Rumour Has It” proves this! After debuting with a not so fantastic first episode for its second season, “Rumour Has It” is speeding up the ladder of entertainment and Jay Franklyn Jituboh is progressively telling a truly intriguing story with the character of Dolapo in the new season. The new season features Linda Ihuoma Ejiofor, Jemima Osunde, Stan Nze, Efa Iwara and Mawuli Gavor
  • In Love and Ashes: For many Web series lovers, this is the underdog but this social conscious series is bringing forward stories that are often ignored. More than a love story, “In Love and Ashes” features Emeka (Charles Etubiebe) who is sent to observe and bring reports on the progress in Maiduguri after the Boko Haram invasion. Just six weeks to his wedding, Emeka has to choose between rejecting this important project or taking it head on, with hope for a positive outcome. “In Love and in Ashes” brings back vibes of other social conscious series like “Wetin Dey” that hit our screens in the mid 2000’s. The series features Patience Ozokwor, Meg Otanwa, Sani Danja and Charles Etubiebe and has a soundtrack from Tu Baba.
  • My Lagos Diaries: My Lagos Diaries is not created for the purpose of entertainment but will stir your heart to make better contributions to Nigeria. Dr. Tony Rapu features heart breaking stories from Lagos. This documentary has caused quite the stir, with stories going from young children committing severe crime to family experiences breaking young people.

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