There is Nothing like Old or New Nollywood – Opa William


Opa Williams, the founder of Nite of a Thousand Laughs, is regarded as one of the founding fathers of modern Nollywood. He produced several movies, including Deadly Affairs, Tears of Love, Onome, Sergeant Okoro and others.

Recently, Opa, who just returned to Nollywood after withdrawing in the 90s, to concentrate on his comedy show, is planning to release his latest movie, Three Wise Men, soon.

At an industry gathering last week, the entertainment entrepreneur told Sunday Scoop that the idea of ‘old and new Nollywood’ does not apply to the film industry in Nigeria. “There is nothing like old or new Nollywood. It is negative to describe Nollywood in that light,” he said.

Speaking further, Opa asked rhetorically if those who propagate the idea of old or new Nollywood belong to old or new Nigeria. “Do they (propagators of old and new Nollywood) belong to old or new Nigeria? A lawyer called to the bar in 1960 and a lawyer called now remain what they are: lawyers; the same is applicable to doctors. This idea of old or new Nollywood is negative, it is not right,” he concluded.

Source: Punch

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