RMD: ‘3 Wise Men’ Gave Me a Good Challenge


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Nollywood actor, Richard Mofe-Damijo has been around for a long time. From his days as a playboy in the 90s TV series, Checkmate, till date, he says that there’s no stopping him. In this brief chat with OVWE MEDEME, he gives his perspective on the Nigerian movie industry, its journey so far, among other issues.

Q: YOU’VE been in the industry for decades. How have you been able to sustain the fame?

RMD: I don’t have a formula for surviving fame but majorly I ignore it and stay grounded. Even if I want to be big headed, I still have friends and elders from Warri who will cut me to size and konk me for trying to show off. The rest of it is pure God’s grace.

Q: You were recently conferred with a Lifetime Achievement Award. Would you say your career as an actor has reached its peak?

RMD: Not at all, I wouldn’t say that. It has hardly even started. Remember, actors don’t have retirement age.

Q: These days, what do you look out for when accepting a script?

RMD: I look out for the same thing I’ve always looked out for; plenty challenge. Redemptive, poetic justice and good entertainment.

Q: Comparing when you started out and now, what differences do you see?

RMD: There are not many differences between when we started out and what is going on today. The only thing is that these days, the stakes are higher with cinema and all.

Q: Would you say the industry has changed for the better?

RMD: Yes indeed. The Nigerian movie industry is a work in progress.

Q: Your role in 3 Wise Men is not something we are used to. How easy was it for you to fit into the role?

RMD: I am an actor. I make believe. It’s never easy. But I love a good challenge.

Q: Would you say it was challenging playing the role of a yuppie senior citizen?

RMD: Every role has its peculiar challenge. Capturing the moment and staying in it is the real challenge.

Q: How much of that character is the real you?

RMD: I have no idea. I need to get that old first (laughs).

Q: What should your fans look out for in the movie?

RMD: The movie will offer fun on full throttle. It is really something they should look out for.

Q: These days, you seem to be making headlines for your dazzling looks. What is the secret?

RMD: It is simple; anointing oil… go figure (laughs). On a serious note, I would say that God has gifted me with the fountain of youth. But seriously I have no secret. I lost weight, people screamed that I was ill. I put a bit back on, people say I am ageless.

Q: Do you think it is late for you to go into modelling, as you have been severally branded as such?

RMD: My motto is ‘never say never’.

Q: Between politics and acting, which gave you more satisfaction and why?

RMD: Do you really need to ask? Acting is my happy place.

Q: But seriously, if you are given N35m to splurge, what would you spend it on?

RMD: At that age? I will draw up a bucket list and start dancing as I look at the list (laughs).

Q: Have you had any weird experience with a female fan?

RMD: Yes na.Too many.Leave matter for Mathias.

Q: Is it an experience you would like to share?

RMD: As I just said, leave matter for Mathias.


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