“American Driver ” is Fresh, Fun, Entertaining & Jim Iyke is Back.

Verdict: Fresh. Fun. Entertaining. Evan King is crazy! And Jim Iyke is back. Now, while ‘American Driver’ isn’t particularly spectacular. Nor does it shine bright enough to be labelled a “Must See” by any means. It does pack quite a Punch! In actual fact, it packs an impressive amount of punches. When it’s funny, it’s really funny. And when it’s not, it never gets so drab that you hate yourself for it. It will get you laughing, a lot! You will have fun. And you will leave the cinemas satisfied, enough.

So, if it’s laid-back entertainment, easy-laughs and a generous serving of fresh-quirkiness and gratuitous-craziness you are looking for this weekend, you can’t do better than ‘American Driver’ at the cinemas. Evan King is a worthy surprise. He’s got just that right amount of chemistry needed to save him from being “just another” sleazy-audience-trapping Nollywood  gimmick, which admittedly, we had expected he would be. But he trumped our suspicions, many times over. You can’t help but genuinely like the guy; there’s a sincerity to his performance- a warmness that can’t be denied. If for only him, go for it!

Just don’t expect an award hoarding performance from anybody else. ‘American Driver’ happens to be one of those after-thought kind of movies, where the movie itself isn’t really the focus. And so ends up being more a long string of cameo appearances by otherwise great actors putting in below average performances; leaving us feeling they appear more as a favor to the producers, than as having an obligation to excel. The producers however, do get an ‘A’ for effort; they went in Hard on this one- their desire to achieve excellence is quite easy to see, we applaud them.


Source: Cinema Pointer

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