Rita Dominic is Right! Not All Movies Should be at the Cinema

Award-winning Nigerian actress, Rita Dominic posted this yesterday on Instagram.



Her post sparked an outrage as fans took to the comment section to list films that in their opinion had no business being at the cinema. Some others opined that Rita was guilty of what she was accusing others of as she had, herself featured in some of these sub-par movies in the last two years.

Here are our thoughts on this:

  • First, the mediocrity in Nollywood is frightening. Nollywood is not moving at the pace its audience is, and this means that many times, they would get left behind. The Nigerian audience is much more enlightened than it used to be ten years ago, plus, the audience also, has an acquired Hollywood taste. So this means, that Nigerian filmmakers must step up if they want to make big bucks at the box office. When a filmmaker’s attention is drawn to an embarrassing error, they usually respond by saying, you’re hating. Nollywood cannot afford to be what it has always been – a joke. Filmmakers like good researchers and marketers must begin to produce content that appeals to its audience, that is relevant to society, that does well on the merit of its creativity and that makes Nigeria proud.
  • Let’s talk about Hype, shall we? There’s nothing quite as agonizing as someone or a group of people shouting from the rooftop about how good their movie is, when its really just, CRAP! This has become the norm in Nollywood, so much noise, barely any substance. From shameful acting to ridiculous storylines, we’re just about done with how some filmmakers consistently hype mediocre movies.
  • What other distribution channels can filmmakers explore? Well, for starters, the cinema’s aren’t doing the producers any favours. It really is a lose-lose situation for filmmakers and the audience; Producers are not making money at the cinemas and the audience is not getting any entertainment from the movies being shown. No one goes to the movies, with the intention of being bored out of their minds. Most of the movies we see at the cinema should be made for home viewing, internet viewing, private view etc. Filmmakers in Nigeria must begin to explore alternative distribution channels for their content as they simultaneously focus on the quality of work they churn out.

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