Professor Johnbull Takes Social Activism to New Heights

In recent times, Corporate organizations are taking advantage of entertainment as a means to enlighten the public. A huge percentage of Nigerians consume TV – both online and traditionally, daily. Some ills in our society are a result of misinformation; ignorance and misleading information won’t thrive if more people are enlightened.

Professor Johnbull takes advantage of storytelling, the huge consumption of entertainment and the allure of celebrities to bring a social drama, that is doing well in spreading important lessons.


“Professor Johnbull” focuses on an intelligent professor. His experience, knowledge and continuous exploration for growth, brings very diverse and helpful solutions for people in need of his help. Ignorance from other characters form a major basis for the show, but even this ignorance reflects many of the problems that exist in Nigeria.

The sixth episode of the fifth season is titled “Childless Wives” and brings the topic of childbearing from two angles. On one side is a woman that has been married for five years and is unable to conceive. On the other, is a 22-year-old, who gets pregnant and sells her babies at a cheap cost, for soft luxury.

“Childless Wives” puts side by side, privilege and the lack of it. While one is able to have children and does not understand the blessing it is, the other, who is desperate to have children, is unable to have children.

The first question the episode raises: Who says a woman’s inability to get pregnant is her fault? The pregnant woman is severely humiliated by her husband’s family for not having a child, it leads to her abuse of alcohol.

The show has shown an interesting concern to the cause of women but the latest episode feeds into a topic of great interest – childbirth and women.  Women, in many communities, are treated with derision and disrespect because of their inability to birth children, or their decision to wait for some time after marriage before having children. When a couple fails to get pregnant few months after marriage, the woman is blamed. If she gets pregnant and births a female child, the society blames her as well.

The news was rife with stories of men and women, that ran baby factories by kidnapping, exploiting and forcefully getting young women pregnant. After which, the babies are sold.  “Childless Wives” explores this in less than 25 minutes.

“Childless Wives” ends with a commentary from Professor Johnbull on the importance of respect, communal support and the need for everyone to be enlightened on Human Rights Laws.

The latest episode looks like a fan favourite. Many fans of the show are coming forward with their stories and it brings forward the type of modern slavery we choose to ignore.

This is a commendable way to bring societal problems to our knowledge. There are people that like to learn through drama, they are convinced by its gimmicks and its ability to tug at their emotions. If “Professor Johnbull” is able to convince one person to do better, with each episode, then it has done its bid.



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